Entwined in the curtain

Sintra Marmoris Palace

There is a seductive period splendour to the 19th Century manor house hotel Sintra Marmoris, located in the hills beyond Lisbon. With its 14,000 square metres of sweeping gardens, we were transported from the very first moments of arrival.

On checking in, we were shown to our room down long tiled corridors whose walls were painted with lakeside murals, and past the dining room whose tables were covered in long damask cloths, lit overhead with tiered chandeliers. The sense of majesty continues in our bedroom, where thick tassled curtains hang over the bed and windows. For me, there was a sensuality in these rich fabrics. I found our room a stimulating change from the modern style of our bedroom at home, and I beckoned my lover towards me. We pulled the curtains shut to cut out the sunlight and bring our room into a deep glow. The weight of the fabric swooped down to the floor, and we stood together in the semi darkness, our movement captured in an oval, decorated mirror. As well as the experience of making love in this wonderfully tactile place, we also spent a long while in the deep freestanding marble tub - with marvellous clawed feet - which was more than big enough for two. We will both remember this room for years to come.

Dominika & Kacper

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'The warmth of a thick curtain, the skin's velvety softness, and the other way around. A beautiful mess.'

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