Holding on to the chandelier

Hotel Estalagem St. Hubertus

Luxury, comfort, charm and excitement all greeted us at this heavenly place. The beautiful scent of patchouli lingered all around the Estalagem St. Hubertus, a hotel set on the Black Lake in the town of Gramado.

The hotel has a bucolic feel, and this followed through in the decor of our room: white with a wooden floor and floral details. There was also a whirlpool bath, and our windows looked across at a forest brimming with monkey puzzle trees. Our favourite features, however, were two white armchairs beneath a chandelier, with a coffee table between them with a silver tray holding apples and strawberries.

"And then, she saw the light."

We spent our mornings on the chairs, hiding from the winter’s icy winds, and indulging in champagne and passionate kisses. But we’ll let you in to a secret: the bathroom. That was our secret hideaway! After we had been for a walk as night fell, we received a complimentary gift from the hotel. On the coffee table, there was a beautiful card quoting Mozart, a bottle of champagne, flowers and chocolates. When we saw all those treats, we filled up the bath and locked ourselves away for the night, revelling in all the aromas of the L'Occitane Verbena. We also made the most of our opportunity to explore the sights of Gramado, with its restaurants and bars - but there was nothing better than returning to our chairs, and to our tub!

Fabiola & Vitor

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