Framed by the pillars


This singular space in close to the old port in Marseille is both an art gallery and a bedroom. The walls are alive with contemporary pictures, which stand out beautifully against a bright white backdrop. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the room are the neo-classical pillars which create a frame around the bed.

"Two white pillars and a wall to frame the art of love."

It takes us a moment to admire the room. Then he turns to me and kisses my finger-tips; saying nothing he leads me over to the pillars. Touching their cool, smooth surface arouses a pleasant shudder. He leans my face into the pillar and continues to stroke the back of my neck, so soft the sensation is pure electricity. The pillar puts me in mind of a palace, some princess with a canopied bed. I let my mind run away into fantasy as he now kisses the nape of my neck and across my shoulders: he is my prince, we are rapt together, I cling to the pillar as he takes my body and my imagination soars.

Calypso & Clément

Later we walk through to explore the rest of this appartement, clothing ourselves in the long cotton robes. He makes me strong coffee and I laze on the pale grey sofa. There is a fire burning in the marble fireplace. We pause, we rest together, and then he turns again to me. You can imagine what happens next.

Calypso & Clément

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