Weaved into the wicker chair

Vila Monte Farm House

Set in the rolling countryside of the Algarve, Villa Monte has a wonderfully Mediterranean feel. Echoing the colours in the sky, the hotel is decked out in white and blue tones: white in the trellis wooden shutters and the balconies in the courtyards and our bedrooms; the blue picked out in details such as the cushions on our bed.

"The chair is moaning, its sounds gently mixing with your lover’s sighs."

The rustic atmosphere, with the sweeping green views and climbing flowers feels somehow innocent. And as she sits in her thin dress, holding a cool glass of wine, and framed by the back of a traditional wicker chair I feel overcome with desire. Holding her gaze in mine, I trail my hand across her knee, and on, up the soft of her thigh. She bites her lip. The chair sighs as it takes my weight but cradles us. I turn her head so she looks out across the gardens, and I tell her how much I want her, what she arouses in me as she sits there holding me. We make love.… In the evening as the sun sinks low we come back to the same wicker chair, to share the colours of the sunset from our balcony. Being here brings us close in so many ways. We breathe in the air, which is fresh and fragrant; we talk about who we are and what we hope our life to be.

Dominika & Kacper

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