Clinging to the headboard

Bela Vista Hotel & Spa

Everything about the hotel Bela Vista is made for the most romantic escape. The first clue is in the name: it is set on the cliffs of the Algarve town Portimão, and the vast sky blends into the uplifting view of the ocean.

Both inside and out the hotel is a blend of stylish quirkiness, with its colourful wall tiles, stained glass windows and a turret looking out to the Atlantic. The rooms are decorated in bold colours, ours a glorious aquamarine, and the piece de resistance is our bed: a striped coverture picking out the blue-green of the walls, and a Baroque matching headboard.

"Letting your body drift away to the sounds of crashing waves, firmly attached to the rocking wooden boat"

The closeness of the ocean, and the bright mood of the colour scheme made us feel released and care free. I unbuttoned my dress and stood in front of the balcony, feeling the wind on my skin. Then I asked him to lie down in front of me on the bed, and slowly, slowly let the dress fall from my body. As he lay there I told him he could not touch, and I knelt above him, letting my long hair tease his chest. I held the headboard, its padded solidity giving me something to grasp, to cling onto. At dusk we sat under the palm trees round the pool and watched the stars come out, before walking together on the deserted Priai da Rocha beach. It was a couples’ paradise.

Sonia & Lucas

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