Warmed up by the fireplace

Rush Creek Lodge

As the sun set over the spectacular mountains surrounding the divine Yosemite Valley, ten thousand stars twinkled to life in the darkness above. That’s the same number of stars we would give our romantic experience at the Rush Creek Lodge.

"Lust will lead you to the heavenly flames of Yosemite"

Secluded, unique and intimate: time spent deep in this spellbinding nature is surely unequalled by anywhere else in the country. Set in the natural paradise which surrounds Yosemite National Park, the lodge marries rustic with modern: the contemporary private villas overlook a green sea of trees; sitting on our patio drinking a glass of wine we watched birds glide gracefully overhead and spotted deer grazing just outside the grounds. Later we clinked our delectable drinks together in the dark dining tavern, letting the sensuous lighting entice our carnal desires. Mouthwatering scents drifted in from the restaurant and we enjoyed a meal fit for a kind and queen. Dessert wasn’t the only tasty treat that night.

Snuggling up by the warm fire in our room we let our imaginations run as wild as our wilderness setting. The flickering glow from the flames cast deep shadows on the walls as our bodies moved close into one another. This secluded gem of a location not only offered adventure in the park, but a loving and intimate experience that left us with the fondest memories.

Alex & Chelsea

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