From behind the wooden door

Hotel La Hacienda

The Hacienda hotel is a beguiling blend of rustic charm and sophisticated comfort. Our chalet embodied this, with charming wooden steps and a riveted wooden door - and we took plenty of time exploring all the intimate possibilities there.

As I pushed him into the wide door and kissed him, unbuttoning his shirt, we seemed to have gone back hundreds of years.. This feeling was enhanced by the fire that was lit every night in our fireplace; the colours of the flames melting with the reds and yellows of the setting sun outside. We ordered wine and food to our room - we couldn’t tear ourselves away.

"The delightful contrast between the door’s medieval feel, and your attentive caress."

By day, we walked paths fragrant with lavender, under a celestial blue sky. The trails are great place to get lost in the afternoon - ideal for couples looking for tranquility, distance from everyday routine, and contact with nature. In front of our cottage were two loungers. One evening we decided to sit there with apple tea with cinnamon and blanket to admire the colours of the sky as the sun sunk away. Here we shared deeply intimate moments - exchanging the most sincere words of love, witnessed only by the darkening hills of Gramado and the golden sunset.

Fabiola & Vitor

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