Embraced by the hollow wall

Amboise Troglodyte

Walking into this small studio, hidden away in the Loire Valley, is like walking into another world. Our room is hewn from a cave. The warm lighting and rough stone walls create a sensual atmosphere, and a feeling of almost primitive lust.

"Wrapped in stone, the most primative of lust filled the air."

I slide my hand over the stone; it feels warm, and strangely soft to the touch. I turn back towards my partner, and her eyes lock into mine. She walks deliberately towards me. I pull her clothes off and let them slide to the floor. Then gently, so gently, I push her back into this ancient rock face. I can feel her back arching against the hollows of the wall, the stone crumbling as we move against it. At length I lift her and carry her to the bathroom, which is cavernous and graced with a long mirror. The large bathtub on a raised floor is an invitation to indulge. But we make it no further than the tiled floor – a delicious place to make (more) love. The stone encircles us in this room too; the marks left by pickaxes adding a pleasing authenticity, a kind of jagged real-ness. We spiral into each other.

Calypso & Clément

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