Left Speechless by the view

Casa Marques

Casa Marques brings new meaning to “room with a view”. It was well worth the trek to get up there. As we made our way in the car up the winding mountain roads from Rio we felt ourselves becoming more and more secluded.

"Your partner suddenly becomes only the seond most beautiful thing to admire."

Time just slowed down a bit and we realized there was no rush, no obligation. We arrived at the hotel, a stylishly converted mansion, late into the night. We peered out into the darkness, soaking in the quiet and calm that now surrounded us. Little did we know, the next morning we would be immersed into a lush, tropical, scenic landscape, with views sweeping across Guanabara Bay.

We woke up to a magical sunrise over Sugar Loaf Mountain. It was arousing, and we wasted no time. He stroked my hair, slowly undressed me, and oriented me towards the window. We both took in the view and the moment until we couldn’t restrain ourselves anymore. As the sun rose above the mountain and shone through our window, we made sweet passionate love and just succumbed to our surroundings. As things wound down, we exchanged a particular glance – sneaky, adoring, and mischievous. We knew we would be here for a while…

Katrine & Artur

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