Curled up against the curved window

Ovolo Laneways

When you think of Melbourne you think of a glorious city filled with stylish cafes and restaurants and night clubs; staying at the Ovolo you can make the very most of them.

The hotel is located on Little Bourke street, set right in the centre of the city, moments away from key sights such as Parliament House, Chinatown and St Patrick’s Cathedral. However the hotel itself is a winning destination, with super modern interior design and a funky colour scheme. More than that, it’s a rare fancy hotel in which the price of the room also covers all the little extras. So there’s a free mini bar a free breakfast; free lollies on arrival; and a happy hour in the lobby of the hotel where you can just reach into the mini bar and help yourself. Our room had a welcoming, contemporary feel, with an enticing white bed which faced a large curved window.

"And the curtains open, as if you're on a stage, with the entire city as your audience."

This window faced west, and the sun poured in. Looking out at the tall buildings reaching to the sky, in this spoiling place, we both felt marvellously free from the weight of normal life. He placed my hands on the panes of glass, and as I watched the view he kissed across my shoulders, and then the rest of me… The hotel gave us the kind of transportive stay where we came together, renewed - where the hardest decision we ever faced was where to go for dinner.

Jess & Justin

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