Slipping on the waxed floor

Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Arriving in tropical North Queensland, as soon as we stepped off the plane, the warmth hit us. Gladly, we peeled our jackets off and put shorts on, to start our drive down to Thala beach.

The blissful Thala Beach Nature Reserve sits on a private headland between Cairns and Port Douglas. It boasts glorious beaches, lush green forests - and was the wedding destination of Neighbours sweetheart Natalie Imbruglia... Must be good right? Our room felt like sleeping in a tree house: it was set high up on the headland, with views stretching to the white sandy beaches and cerulean Coral Sea. We showered off the long journey, and just listened to the birds in the trees outside.

"Nothing like the sound of nature to bring out your wild side."

My lover enfolded me in his arms, and we stood together gazing at the panorama. Then we sank in a happy, excited heap to the floor, which was waxed wood and slippery… Needless to say the combination of tropical humidity and our sweat didn’t change anything about that. A few hours later we sat, still on the floor, and the stars started to come out overhead. What a dream. Elsewhere, we were spoilt for activities with free nature and wildlife walks, coconut tasting or even a cute spot of star gazing with that special someone. I would even encourage a glass of red and late night swim in the private rock pool to really unwind before bed. Beyond that, there’s a spectacular cocktail list and a delicious food menu. This is not only a remarkable piece of Australia but a truly unreal part of the world, something everyone should experience at least once.

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