Showered by the light

9 Hotel

The streets of Montparnasse in Paris were busy - chic women in raincoats striding forward, the sound of car horns, the twinkling of globe street lights and coffee shops.. It was a pleasing surprise to find that the 9 Hotel Montparnasse affords a complete retreat; a fantasy cabin hidden right in the heart of the 14th arrondissement.

"A million drops of water shining like pearls of white and blue."

The pale wood and king size bed created an immediate feeling of luxury - with a hint of a rustic feel: a small swing serving as a bedside table, and a grassy terrace with a tree. For us though the most alluring feature was the bathroom which was lined, floor to ceiling, in slate and black stone. Even the washbasin was made of rock. But the most magical feature? A rainwater shower, which tumbled great quantities of water from the ceiling. Impatient, we tore each other's clothes off and stood in a tangle of wet limbs, the water cascading over us. A small temperature control panel is set with LED bulbs that gave off a coloured glow, reflecting blue through the shower spray, lighting our congress. Our slippery embrace was surrounded by the clouds of steam that soon filled the room. We found ourselves transported, our love for each other running through our bodies as they twined together. How marvellous to finish with coffee and croissants in bed. A perfect erotic escape.

Calypso & Clément

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