Basking in a ray of sunlight

Hotel Memmo Alfama

The floor to ceiling windows giving onto our balcony created a beam of sunlight that cut across our room in Hotel Memmo Alfama.

My bare feet felt the warmth from the sun on the lime-washed floorboards, and as my lover stood looking out across Lisbon beneath us he was silhouetted, his strong jaw standing out in profile. I reached up and ran my hands through his hair, and leaned into the back of his body. He turned into me and we held each other, forgetting the journey and melting into one.

"A thin corridor of warming light, blessing your state of bliss."

When the feeling became irresistible, he had me massage a SKYN condom into place and then pulled a heap of pillows onto the wooden floor. Laughing, I pushed him onto it, and knelt by him, enjoying the sun on our skin and the way it was almost a spotlight for us, casting long shadows on the wall behind which moved as we did. Later we lay together, now on the soft linens of our bed, and then washed in the powerful jets of the shower. We walked up to the roof, to drink cold Vinho Verde - the young, lightly sparkling Portuguese wine - and watch the swallows dart across the rooftops of the old city, and the sun sink into the ocean.

Sonia & Lucas

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