Discovered on the wooden chest

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

The golden sun shone above, making the air warm and thick. Every breath felt heavy as we walked past the shadowy silhouettes of cactus on the wispy sand. Salty sweat stung our eyes as we entered our room, the light outside casting a wonderful pale haze contrasting with the the soft red lights inside.

"Some treasures are found on top of the pirate's chest."

Feeling hot and sticky we couldn’t wait to lose our clothes. The heat set the mood and I longed for her lips like crystal, cold water. She was drawn to the long thick curtains that lined the back wall, draping her gorgeous form along the capacious couch like a modern day Venus. Only this Venus had no desire to be painted. The crisp white of the couch framed her enchanting pale skin as she invited me to join her. Time passed quickly as we moved to the low and spacious bed. From this position a large mirror both reflected an exciting angle and revealed a thick black railing that offers a firm grip and the chance to bend your partner onto the cold marble table. We also noticed a wooden chest with metal fastenings, it was just the right height for her to stand on such that her hips were perfectly, dangerously level with mine.

After our intense introduction to the room we shared a rain-head shower. It was then that we saw our private outdoor patio, surrounded by a brick adobe wall. With a devilish smile we waited for the sun to set before our adventure took us outside under the mesmeric desert moon. It would be awhile before our thirst was sated.

Alex & Chelsea

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