Crawling up the wooden stairs

VDL Stanley

The VDL in Stanley was something out of a movie scene, set at the end of a bay in a secluded little fishing village about four hours out of Launceston. The picturesque town is surrounded by mountains which roll down into the sea. Its location was perfect, with sweeping views of the waves crashing on the long, rocky beach.

"Stairway to 7th heaven."

We couldn’t imagine a place giving a greater sensation of seclusion and privacy, exactly what we needed for a few nights of relaxation. Once a warehouse, the hotel has been renovated to take on a modern, luxurious feel. The old barn style floor to ceiling windows and glass doors gave the feeling of outdoor living. Our suite was a loft-style apartment, with the bedroom and bathroom upstairs and a timber staircase leading down to the lounge and kitchen.

On closing the door to the room I ran to the stairs to look up to our bed, but he caught me before I reached the top step. The moment was thrilling. He pushed me against the stone wall, and we celebrated finding ourselves in this end of the world. It was some time before I finally pulled myself up the bannister to summit the wooden steps and make it to the bed! There are many other things to do - the VDL provides free bikes for you to explore the sights of Stanley - but for us our room was such a haven we simply enjoyed each other's company.

Jess & Justin

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