At all corners of the mirrored room


In the heart of the 2nd arrondissement, the first thing that catches our eye in our room at the beautiful Edgar Hotel is the mirrored ceiling. The bed is conveniently placed in the middle of the room and you can already sense where things are going. We’re instinctively drawn to look up and discover a new perspective on each other, literally.

"Admire your lover’s curves from all angles."

One hand on each other’s hips, we start to kiss with the laughs and chatter of the local crowd having a drink singing up from the hotel’s public café. As she starts to kiss my neck, I'm unable to resist the urge of looking up - as she probably did too. She couldn’t help but smile while looking into my eyes with a sparkle in hers. We started to French kiss - when in Paris, right? - more and more, until half of our clothes came off. I might've wished I hadn’t thrown my luggage and coat on the bed if it wasn’t for the perfect composition it created, looking up at the mirrored ceiling.

After a few minutes of unrehearsed ecstasy, we rolled on our backs and stared at ourselves in the ceiling. The scene we suddenly witness was worthy of a French Renaissance painting, and we couldn’t help but laugh at our own surprised expressions. A few cuddles and a shower later, we were out again, having a drink on the terrace, lovingly and knowingly looking in each other’s eyes in the middle of the Friday after-work buzz downstairs.

Olivier & Trisha

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